Sutt’o Chianu

“Architettiamo la città” organized by: Associazione Architetti del Calatino

Location: Sala di Rappresentanza del Comune di Caltagirone
5. 12. 2013
Promoted by: Associazione Architetti del Calatino


Status: participation upon invite


Regeneration project for Piazza Marcinnò.

Galleria Coperta, Caltagirone. Architettiamo la Città, Dec 5th - Jan 6th, 2014


Suttu u Chianu aims to reactivate Piazza Marcinnò with a tiny, simple but long-term intervention of acupuncture by preserving only the minimum number of parking for the handicapped people and linking the square to the main exchange parkings of San Giorgio e Santo Stefano through a "smart" electric bus service.


The "smart" public connection allows the users to reserve their parking through smart technologies (such as mobile apps and internet), thus optimizing the electrical bus rides - a ride every ca. 3 min in rush hours - which is also reservable.


The Square is organized around a daily program, with specific hours to be allocated to the diverse activities, such as market, public events, parking and others suggested by the users.


The square configurations are implemented through a LED lighting system embedded in the pavement, which is reprogrammable upon necessity. The lighting system will suggest which is the ongoing activity at any given time.


Caltagirone needs to develop an energy saving strategy extended to the whole historic center. The historic lighting poles of the square will be replaced with LED lighting and supplied through a system of individual PV. The square will be also provided with a main PV Tree that, together with the PV equipped roof of the bus stop, will cover the energy need of the whole square. The technological tree will also work as information collector and broadcaster, with which the users can interact through a smart interface.


The water will be collected along the square and will supply the fountain.


This series of intervention will provide Piazza Marcinnò with a renewed, vibrant atmosphere, inviting the people to stay and enjoy the urban space.