RARE Office:

a Beautiful Space and maximized Efficiency!


There are up to 4 workplaces to rent at RARE Office.

Our open space counts 8 Workplaces, kitchenette, toilettes and archive.

The RARE pong (a tennis table) is used for meetings as well as for relaxing and playing.

Friendly atmosphere in a beautiful space


Ideal for groups, the 4 free work tables can be rented also separately.


The RARE Desk is a very large and comfortable desk designed by the RARE Office Team (120*80cm) with recycled Euro pallets and Euro boxes.
With its design we were selected as Young Architects Talent for the 2012 Apulian Biennale - Slow Architecture (I).
It allows two people to work very comfortably together in team and/or individually.
All our desks are equipped with 4 drawers (2 per each side) and 2 chairs.


Opening hours: Mo-Fr        10:00 -19:00


Contact us for more information.


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