"Spreeufer für Alle" competition

Location: Berlin (DE)
Year: 2012
with: Arch. Viola Toccafondi
artist Giacomo Albano
Selected as best design by the Residents Jury

Published project:
. Tageszeitung, 07.03.2011
. Ex Berliner, Sep. 2011
. Exhibition Catalogue "Spreeufer für Alle", Jan 2012


. Markthalle Berlin, Sep. 2012
. Rathaus Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Nov-Dec 2012


Ecoskywalk is a project developed for the Spree western bank, between the Zapf Areal and the Dämmisol Areal. It aims to improve the area, today still precluded to the residents, by converting it into a polyfunctional and mixed generation center, in which public and private spaces blend together.
Besides being an aerial promenade that visually connects the two neighborhoods of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg - for long time divided by the Berlin Wall and now divided by a urban void - Ecoskywalk is also a technological element: its roof is entirely equipped for the production of energy from renewable sources. The extension of Ecoskywalk allows to cover the whole Energy demand of the area as well as to feed the main net.


The core group of historical buildings is converted into an educational centre for music, arts and entertainment. At its sides, new development take place and fill the site. The ground floors are destined to public functions, thus enhancing the continuity of open and enclosed spaces.


Moving from East towards West, the building's scale decreases to adapt to the urban context. A 30 m wide strip along the bank is a linear park, as requested by the residents with the vote casted during the Referendum in 2008. Ecoskywalk triggers sociality and is a vibrant zone where several activities take place - stage on water, harbor and water taxi, sports and leisure, thus improving the realm of the whole site.