Design and production of RARE Office’s desks

Location: Berlin (DE)
Year: 2012
Selected among the 20 best projects within
PugliArch 2012 - Slow Architecture

Bari, Puglia Arch12 - Slow Architecture, Sept 20th-23rd, 2012


Bari, PugliArch12 - Slow Architecture, Sept 20th - Oct 31, 2012
Lecce, PAAS Osservatorio Paesaggio Architettura Arte Salento, Nov 16th - Dec 12th, 2012


Recycling and re-interpreting are the fundamental concepts of this project: Euro Pallets and Euro Boxes are the two elements we chose to built the desks of our office.

RARE Euro_Ts allow to display furniture which are both unique and price fair. Moreover, the use of products which are normally destined to other uses, show us their flexibility and permit a sustainable improvement. The tables, which easily assembling, were self produced and built.