“Rigenerare Corviale“ Competition - Roma (I)

Location: Roma (I)
Year: 2015

with: MUVING s.r.l.
social scientist, Prof. Carlo Colloca
artist, Daniele Pario Perra
artist, Leonardo Bianchi

After a careful reading of Ater’s requirements, the project aims to address them looking simultaneously at the physical, functional, cultural and social aspects of Corviale.


The Masterplan alines these different aspects, defining them as members of the following systems:


1. ”Passing Through Corviale“. It organizes people’s mobility including: paths for vehicular traffic and parking amenities (including the garage at the underground level), pedestrian and cycles paths, means of public transportation, including their nodes and distances;


2. ”Living Corviale”. It focuses on the buildings and their facilities: space for improving people encounters and their relationships (walkable), equipment for collective services of the neighborhood;


3. “Corviale Ecosystem”. It focuses on the environment and it is eco-comprehensive: equipped open and green areas, buffer-areas with the park “Tenuta dei Massimi”, social gardens, spaces for waste collecting and processing, spaces for production of energy.


The Building is considered as an equipped giant wall, accommodating functions and providing services for the urban environment: a "giant" which brings opportunities for the surrounding urban system. They are placed on the new towers and the roof of the Building. Moreover, the new towers and the roof terrace are designed as a linear park and they are equipped with several systems for production of energy and rainwater harvesting.


The relationship between buildings and functions has a new design, assuming the gradual demolition of the paths and the walkways in the courtyards. The project opts for a comprehensive design of the ground level that will develop an extensive system of social and functional relationships. In relation to this, the project aims to disseminate new rooms for activities, in order to create a continuum to the opposite extreme specialization and desertification of the current functional distribution at the same level; extensive paved mall incorporates the former five squares of access and service platform of the Corviale Center and new commercial area will be extended to the new basement between the building and via Poggioverde.