EMME House

Design project for a single family house

Location: Racale, (I)
Client: Private client
Status: not realized
Footage: 220 sqmt

with Ilenia Paesani, Arch.

The single family house is located in Salento, the South Eastern heel of Apulia in Italy.
The project is conceived to accomodate the required footage in the limited available space, still achieving a high quality of the interiors.


Day functions are oriented towards South-East while night functions face North-West, contributing to the space division within the building.
Living, dining and kitchen lay in a large double height space provided with an operable glass facade and a wide glass cut in the ceiling.
At the second level, an office space is open to the groundfloor. Such a distribution creates a vibrant atmosphere, a pleasant and welcoming space for the whole house.


The ground floor also hosts an area with a guest room and a guest bathroom: it can be completely isolated and is also provided with an independent entrance from the back.
The first floor is mostly devoted to the night activities, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a wardrobe zone. The master bedroom has a direct access to the solarium, located on top of the garage.
In the front garden a swimming pool is the core of the outdoor activities.


The house is equipped with 60 sqmt of PV system on the roof, which covers the whole need of the building and is able to sell back to the public net.
Grey waters together with rainwater are collected, filtered and used for irrigation purposes.