Apartment renovation

Location: Berlin, (DE)
Client: Private client
Status: Completed work, 2015
Footage: 90 sqmt


Render by: Chiara Celsa

Located in Charlottenburg, the building is an “Altbau” (residential building of the early '900).

RARE Office has been commissioned to renovate the apartment at the fourth level of the building in the courtyard.

The apartment presented a typical Berliner floorplan with all rooms revolving around a corridor with no window.

In sequence, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms and a living room followed along the corridor.


The client required us to rethink the whole space in order to create a fresher and more contemporary residential experience, though preserving two bedrooms.


The project aims to reconfigure the floorplan and recover the full functionality of the space enclosed in the corridor. Through the removal of the partitions between kitchen, bathroom and corridor, a whole new bright space opens up from the entrance door.

Hier, along the blind property walls, an open kitchen and the bathroom, both with optimized size, have been positioned, thus allowing more light in the apartment, as all the windows stay free in the open space.


Through a small circulation zone, it is possible to easily access the bathroom and the two bedrooms.