Apartment renovation

Location: Berlin, (DE)
Client: Private client
Status: Completed work, 2014
Footage: 70 sqmt

Photo by: Manuela Conti

Located in Neukölln, the building FSP is an "Altbau" (residential building of the early '900)

RARE Office has been commissioned to renovate the apartment at the 3rd level of the building facing the street.

The apartment presented a complex floorplan with all irregular rooms revolving around an entrance corridor with no window.


The client required a more efficient floorplan and the maximization of open space, although maintaining a separate bedroom.


All the existing partition walls have been demolished and the floor plan reorganized in order to create a open kitchen at the entrance, a small bedroom and the new bathroom.

The new walls have been planned to host several functions. In the bedroom we introduced a functional bed, with mezzanine height, under which a full wardrobe and cabinets found place, thus maximizing the use of the space. Rest material from the original wooden floor (Dielung) have been reused to produces the fronts of the functional unit and the washbasin in the bathroom.

The original door, half sanded and finished with transparent lack, have been reused and converted to sliding doors.  The wooden floor has been painted with dark brown.


Also the kitchen cabinets have been designed specifically for the space and realized “in loco”, providing the client with personal design solutions in order to respond at best to his wishes.