Apartment renovation

Location: Berlin (DE)
Client: private client
Year: 2014
Status: under renovation

Located in Friedrichshain, the building DSG is an Altbau (pre-WWII residential building).
As many of the Berliner buildings in the former East Berlin, it underwent the so called “emergency renovation” in the time from the WWII and right after the Fall of the Berlin Wall.


The apartment at groundfloor level of DSG, laying in the courtyard, presented a small entrance hall with a storage room, a main room that probably served as living, followed by the bathroom and the kitchen. Then, a last room served as bedroom.


The renovation aims to maximize space and light in the unit. All the old partition walls have been demolished to reorganise the floor plan, by mirroring the position of the bathroom toward the blind wall. From the entrance door a newly conceived open space equipped with kitchen area lets in as much light as possible from the windows facing the inner courtyard.


The only original door available, half sanded and finished with transparent lack, have been reused and converted to a sliding door for the bathroom.