Renovation project for a single family house

Location: Taviano, (I)
Client: Private client
Status: Ongoing renovation
Footage: 160 sqmt

This single family house, originally built at the beginning of '900, is located in Salento, the South Eastern heel of Apulia in Italy. The original unit, which encloses 5 traditional “Star Shaped" Vaults has been already renovated and partially upsized during the '60s. Since then, it underwent no maintenance and presents today severe damages due to the capillary humidity.


The project divide the house in two smaller units of approximately 90 and 70 sqmt, which better accommodated the needs of a contemporary family.
Both units can accommodate from up to 4 persons with the implementation of mezzanine floors, thus optimizing the use of the height (6mt) typical of the vaulted buildings of the regions.
New windows and sliding shedders give a contemporary touch to the appearance of the whole building.


A system of terrace at different height is a plus to the quality of the two residences.
The whole building will be treated and insulated against humidity. Thermal insulation is also implemented to upgrade its energetic performance.
The roof of the garage, which is a separate barn, is equipped with a PV system able to cover the needs of both units and to sell back to the public network.